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Re: Debian i386 architecture now requires a 686-class processor


Ben Hutchings wrote:
> Last year it was decided to increase the minimum CPU features for the
> i386 architecture to 686-class in the stretch release cycle.  This
> means dropping support for 586-class and hybrid 586/686
> processors[1].(Support for 486-class processors was dropped, somewhat
> accidentally, in squeeze.)

Is it possible that some 586-class processors support all the necessary
instructions to still run this kernel and/or userland?

I seem to remember last time this was discussed, GNU `as' avoids using a
particular 686-class instruction

To give an example, this Geode MX is not quite 686-class but has CMOV:

| cpu0: Geode(TM) IntegraTed Processor by National Semi ("Geode by NSC" 586-class) 333 MHz

Steven Chamberlain

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