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EOL of fglrx-driver

Hello Debian community,

I would like to announce the end of life of the non-free fglrx-driver in

Before Ubuntu announced it, I'd like to remove it, but I know that still
many people are using this driver package and after nearly 7 1/2 years
maintainance it is not so easy to give it up.. But it has to be done,
radeon and amgpu are on a good way and also developed by AMD itself!

Many many thanks especially to Andreas Beckmann and Michael Gilbert for
their maintainance in the pkg-fglrx team from me! I were very happy to
work with both of you and to support you to become a DD :=)

If nobody has got a better plan with the fglrx packages or something
like that, I would fill a RM within the next weeks.


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