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Re: dedicated live CD for PGP master key management

Daniel Pocock writes ("dedicated live CD for PGP master key management"):
> Some specific things that the live image could do:
> - verifying there is no network connection, no DHCP daemon,
> automatically shutting down if a network connection becomes active
> - formatting 2 or 3 flash drives in a mirrored configuration (md or
> Btrfs) to mount at ~/.gnupg
> - formatting another flash drive for distributing the public key
> - preparing smart cards
> - key renewal
> - storing and printing revocation certificate
> - asking users for their user ID in a GUI and doing all the necessary
> gnupg commands for them
> - logging all the gnupg commands for advanced users to inspect

These sound like very cool ideas.


Oh, were you looking for help rather than merely encouragement ? :-)

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