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Re: Bug#822221: ITP: flipcoin -- flip an adjustable coin for random exit status

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 11:11:39PM -0700, Rudi Cilibrasi wrote:
> * Package name    : flipcoin
> * URL             : https://github.com/rudi-cilibrasi/flipcoin
>   Description     : flip an adjustable coin for random exit status
> This command-line utility can be used to simulate a coin flip to get
> a random exit status.  The probability of success is adjustable using
> an optional command line parameter.
> This package is a useful core utility for shell scripts that need to
> do things in a way that is decorrelated in time and infrequent. Usage is
> simple at the shell prompt:
> if flipcoin ; then echo heads ; else echo tails ; fi

Sorry, but I don't believe that someone writing shell scripts is likely to
not know one of many ways to do this, be it $RANDOM, perl, awk, or, if you
really want to require something non-essential, rolldice.

Thus, please reconsider the point of packaging this.

A tit a day keeps the vet away.

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