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Re: Bug#820561: ITP: dh-elpa-test -- Debian helper tool for running ELPA package testsuites

On Sat, Apr 09, 2016 at 09:14:29PM -0700, Sean Whitton wrote:
> > Any reason this can't go in src:dh-elpa itself?
> Yeah.  If dh-elpa-test runs the tests for a package, dh_auto_test must
> be disabled.  That's because dh_auto_test runs `make test`, and many
> ELPA packages will run something that is incompatible with Debian if you
> run `make test`.
> If dh-elpa-test did not disable dh_auto_test, every package using it
> would need boilerplate `override_dh_auto_test: /bin/true`.  But the only
> way for a debhelper helper to disable dh_auto_test is in its sequencer
> script.  If I put the code to disable dh_auto_test in dh_elpa's sequencer
> script (/usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Sequence/elpa.pm),
> dh_auto_test would be disabled for *all* packages using dh_elpa, which
> would be undesirable since some of them have test suites that *can* be
> run with a simple `make test`.

If you put that in Debian::Debhelper::Sequence::elpa you could just
check for something (an exported variable?) and/or do some magic to
detect on your own, without having package maintainers having to do this
choice for all those packages, couldn't you?

> But then for ease of maintenance it should be its own source package.

this sounds kind of ominous to me: we're talking about an alleged
helper, maintained in the same team where dh-elpa is maintained. What
kind of difficult of maintenance would have it?  To me, it looks like
it would actually *easy* the maintenance, as I couldn't figure this
as something separated from dh-elpa, but only tightly united.

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