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Remove clamav-unofficial-sigs

clamav-unofficial-sigs is broken and not maintained anymore. So unless 
something changes there is no point leaving it in the repository.

clamav-unofficial-sigs is broken because of changes in securiteinfo. 
This issue has been reported a year ago and has not even been 
acknowledged by the developers:

 * 2015/04/24 - clamav-unofficial-sigs: securiteinfo databases not available any more
   No developer comment!

 * 2015/01/07 - clamav-unofficial-sigs: Updating the databases timeouts on a regular basis
   No developer comment!

 * 2015/05/09 - clamav-unofficial-sigs: Multiple error message at each execution
   No developer comment!

As is plainly visible by reading these 3 bug reports, they are 
duplicates of each other and yet the developers have not even merged 

A year ago a user also mentioned that there is a new upstream version 
and yet clamav-unofficial-sigs has not been updated in over two years 
(since 2014/01/15 precisely):

 * 2015/05/12 - Newer version available, new upstream mantainer
   No developer comment!

Finally there has been no developer activity on any of the other bugs 
since 2014:

 * Initial Signature Download
   Last developer comment: Paul Wise 2013/07/11

 * clamav: Non-actionable cron spam
   Last developer comment: Paul Wise 2014/05/12

 * clamav-unofficial-sigs: Cron job results spread onto mail and logs
   Last developer comment: Paul Wise 2014/11/12

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