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Re: [MBF]: Building arch:all and arch:any without build-{arch,indep} targets

On Sun, Apr 03, 2016 at 05:29:32PM +0000, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Hi,
> The package #PACKAGE# builds an architecture independent *and* an
> architecture dependent package, but does not have the (now mandatory)
> "build-arch" and "build-indep" targets in debian/rules.
> We would like to phase out the hacks in dpkg, which are currently
> needed to ensure that #PACKAGE# builds despite its lack of these
> targets.
>  * Please add build-arch and build-indep targets to #PACKAGE# at
>    your earliest convenience.
>  * The work around will be removed in the first dpkg upload after
>    the 1st of June.  After that upload, #PACKAGE# will FTBFS if
>    this bug has not been fixed before then.
> Thanks,
> See also: <link to the MBF thread>

I would probably mention somewhere that switching to "dh" does
also count as a way of adding build-arch and build-indep targets.

This way, if a maintainer already had "switching to dh" in his todo list,
he/she may skip the intermediate step of adding those targets.

Other than that, I wish you luck. The set of source packages being
considered now is exactly the set of packages on which I have been
testing "dpkg-buildpackage -A" for the last four months.

Only half of the bugs are fixed or pending. If bug fixing follows the
law of radioactive decay, this is going to take a lot more than expected.


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