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iptables 1.6.0-2 in unstable


[TL;DR: please test the package]

the latests upstream version of iptables (1.6.0) just landed in
unstable. It should be in debian testing in a few days, no blocks are

This is a major release of iptables, last one was in 2013.

Among other things, this release includes the
'iptables-nftables-compat' binary package which contains some tools to
help in the transition from iptables to nftables. However, users are
not expected to migrate from iptables to nftables right now.

This mail is about requesting review and testing of the bare iptables
tools (iptables, ip6tables, and the like).
We would like to avoid to the maximum extend corner case regressions
and problems of any kind.
In the past, people found issues when migrating from older kernels to
newer ones.

There are mainly 2 kind of people who might be really interested in
this review&testing:
 * maintainers of iptables-based packages (i.e, wrappers)
 * users of iptables (i.e, firewalls)

Please file bugs as needed.

Thanks, best regards.
Arturo Borrero González

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