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mkdocs locale error building djangorestframework


In building djangorestframework, it uses a package called mkdocs.

mkdocs in turn uses a package called python3-click to do its command
line processing.

python3-click has checks to ensure it is called with a non-ASCII
locale. Or if it is an ASCII locale, it raises a fatal error. Or at
least it tries to raise a fatal error.

This is documented in the click documentation:

An added complication is at the moment the code to display the fatal
error is broken under Python 3 - see #812713. You can't compare byte
objects and str objects.

The problem is that when building djangorestframework, I need to have a
utf8 locale available. C.UTF-8 is fine. However, I don't think there is
any guarantee (??) that a utf8 locale will be available when building
packages. This I believe is the root cause of #812672.

So should I somehow be trying to get the UTF-8 locale (is this possible
from debian/rules?), or should I submit another bug report against
python3-click saying that it really should work in ASCII environments?

Brian May <brian@linuxpenguins.xyz>

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