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Bug#812563: ITP: geoapi -- Set of Java interfaces for geospatial applications

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Wookey <wookey@wookware.org>

* Package name    : geoapi
  Version         : 3.0.0
  Upstream Author : 2003-2011 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.
* URL             : http://www.geoapi.org
* License         : geoapi (BSDish)
  Programming Lang: Java
  Description     : Set of Java interfaces for geospatial applications

 geoapi is a set of java bindings provided for geospatial applications
 by the GeoAPI project. They are neutral, interface-only APIs derived
 from OGC/ISO Standards.
 The interfaces developed by the GeoAPI project include many of the
 data structures and manipulation methods needed for geographic
 information system applications. GeoAPI 3.0 defines a core set of
 interfaces for metadata handling, for geodetic referencing,
 projection and conversion, and is a standard of the Open Geospatial
 Consortium (OGC).
 The GeoAPI interfaces closely follow the ISO 19100 series standards:
 ISO 19115: Metadata, ISO 19111: Referencing by coordinates, ISO
 19123: Coverage. GeoAPI provides an interpretation and adaptation of
 these standards to match the expectations of Java programmers.

This is being packaged as it is closely tied to jscience.
jscience needs geoapi to build (org.opengis.*)

geoapi need javax.measure.utils from jscience to build.

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