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Bug#811448: ITP: tiny-initramfs -- A minimalistic initramfs implementation

Package: wnpp
Owner: Christian Seiler <christian@iwakd.de>
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org

* Package name    : tiny-initramfs
  Version         : 0.1
  Upstream Author : Christian Seiler <christian@iwakd.de>
* URL             : https://github.com/chris-se/tiny-initramfs
* License         : GPL-3+
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : A minimalistic initramfs implementation

tiny-initramfs is a very minimalistic initramfs implementation for
booting Linux systems. It is designed for systems where a full
initramfs (such as dracut or initramfs-tools) is too large, but where
at least some functionality of an initramfs (such as mounting a
separate /usr partition, or the possibility to use microcode updates
for the processor) is required. It is less than 16 kiB in size.

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