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Re: debian/control: enhanced version dependencies?

Hi folks,

On 01/15/2016 05:07 PM, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Whenever discussions about new dependency syntax come up I like to remind
> people of all the time (about six years now) and effort it took to get the
> build profile syntax [1] accepted by the archive, supported by all tools and to
> sufficiently discuss this with everybody involved to get general agreement that
> this is necessary and we're doing it the right way. And this is not even over
> yet as that syntax has to be documented in policy as well! Plus, we are only
> talking about Build-Depends syntax here.  I'd assume that there are even more
> tools that handle binary package Depends syntax that the 19 that handle source
> package dependency syntax.
> In this case, the desired effect can be achieved using existing elements of the
> dependency syntax and without any unreadable version quirks. A new syntax would
> *only* be acceptable if there were hundreds if not thousands of packages that
> would benefit from an easier way to express such a conditional and in which
> case having all these meta-packages I proposed as a solution above would become
> infeasible.

I understand that the existing package dependency options
are already very complex, especially if all the "Conflicts",
"Recommends" and "Provides" options are taken into account.

> Thanks!

Thanx very much to all for your feedback. Keep on your
good work


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