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MIA team still alive?

Dear all,

I have contacted the MIA team about a missing dev
	Known as: Jörg Sommer
	Using emails: joerg@alea.gnuu.de
about two weeks ago, and before that other people have done the
same. According to mia-query he is missing since 2012:
    2012-09-14: inactive, nice; nothing since 01/12, 9 NMus, 5 UUVs {from mones@debian.org}
    2012-09-24: out; 1 member has no time, waiting for more responses {from mones@debian.org}
    2013-09-16: unresponsive, last-warning; orphaning next week {from mones@debian.org}

I haven;t got any answer, but if there is none in the very near future
I / the Debian TeX Team will take over xindy and upload a version that
fixes RC bugs.



PREINING, Norbert                               http://www.preining.info
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
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