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mass filing bug reports for GCC 6 build issues

GCC 6 is still intended to be the default GCC for the upcoming stretch release. It doesn't yet build on mips and mipsel (gfortran and gnat), however GCC 5 has non-addressed RC issues on these architectures, so maybe better regress on release architectures than toolchain progress.

Debian QA didn't yet find the time for a comparative test rebuild on the amazon hardware, so until now I only have data for a test rebuild of the current Ubuntu development series, otoh with a wider coverage on architectures. Lucas Nussbaum assured me that an amd64 test rebuild could be done in early Feb.

Now, I'd like to file the issues I found for the Ubuntu test rebuild on the Debian packages. Of course there will be some false positives. Just not having any bugs filed at all is bad, maybe having bugs filed for diverging Debian/Ubuntu versions could be bad too (although it looks like that the version is the least important thing for new warnings, more strictness or symbols file changes). So at least I'd like to file issues for matching Debian/Ubuntu versions, but would strive to file issues for all packages.

For regressions build packages please see

Issues for all known GCC ICEs were already filed and most of them already fixed upstream (see https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2016-01/msg00101.html).

Full list of build failures (including those which are not regressions):


gcc-6 packages are available in experimental.


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