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Re: binNMU or reproducible builds (choose only one)

On Thu, 24 Sep 2015, Santiago Vila wrote:
> You don't appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

FOR binNMUs:
 * I do appreciate not triggering a libreoffice rebuild on the slow arches when
   a binNMU is required on amd64.

 * I do appreciate multiarch not being broken by binNMU'd packages, as well
   as getting rid of the nasty effects binNMUs have on package dependencies
   (source version x binary version, not to mention the arch x arch).

   In fact, the dependency chain of several packages are already more
   fragile than they should be (as in: it was relaxed to allow broken/
   undesired version skews) to tolerate binNMUs.

   And this is not trivial to get right, either.  It is a constant source
   of packaging bugs.

I believe those two are the important tradeoffs that need to be considered.

Keeping in mind that binNMUs are, in fact, _very_ expensive because they
limit what we can do in undesireable ways, IMHO, the important question is:
are binNMUs worth the *MAJOR* savings in buildd times on the slow arches,
given the *MAJOR* issues and limitations they cause?

Let's answer that one, and if the answer is "lets drop binNMUs", then we can
work towards source-based auto-NMUs being at least as easy to use/trigger as
binNMUs currently are.

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