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Re: promoting virtualbox-dkms to virtualbox pre-depends

Hi  James!

>This should work with a normal Depends relation (reread Policy 7.2).
>This commit helped since it prevented a circular dependency involving
>the two packages:
>So after that commit, a normal Depends from virtualbox to virtualbox
>-dkms should be all that's nessesary.

thanks for the useful pointer, I admit I get headache when I have to deal with such things :)

however, according to the debdiff of the fix:
@@ -87,11 +87,9 @@

Package: virtualbox
Architecture: amd64 i386
-Pre-Depends: dpkg (>= 1.15.6~)
+Pre-Depends: dpkg (>= 1.15.6~), virtualbox-dkms (= ${source:Version}) | virtualbox-source (= ${source:Version})
Depends: adduser, ${misc:Depends}, ${python:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}
-Recommends: virtualbox-dkms (= ${source:Version}) | virtualbox-source (= ${source:Version}),
-            virtualbox-qt (= ${binary:Version}),
-            ${shlibs:Recommends}
+Recommends: virtualbox-qt (= ${binary:Version}), ${shlibs:Recommends}
Suggests: vde2, virtualbox-guest-additions-iso
Conflicts: virtualbox-2.0,
@@ -132,7 +130,8 @@
Section: contrib/kernel
Architecture: all
Pre-Depends: dpkg (>= 1.15.6~)
-Depends: virtualbox (>= ${source:Version}), ${misc:Depends}
+Depends: ${misc:Depends}
+Recommends: virtualbox (>= ${source:Version})
Description: x86 virtualization solution - kernel module sources for dkms
VirtualBox is a free x86 virtualization solution allowing a wide range
of x86 operating systems such as Windows, DOS, BSD or Linux to run on a

prior the virtualbox-dkms | virtualbox-source was in Recommends, not in Depends.

was it really a circular dependency?

Now the package works, so I would like to avoid breaking it again :)



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