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Re: version format for git snapshot

Quoting Colin Watson (2015-09-14 08:51:48)
> On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 07:51:09AM +0200, Thomas Koch wrote:
>> How would you format the upstream part of the packages version 
>> number? How about 0.4+24+git+a5e5f9e?
> I wouldn't put the commit identifier in the package version at all.  
> It isn't sortable, so clearly doesn't belong in a version string; it 
> can be documented in the changelog instead.  I'd put a date in the 
> version.

Makes perfect sense to me to add only the date for snapshot releases - 
both revision control system and commit id is irrelevant in version 
string - those belong (if at all) in changelog along with release 
nickname and whether release coincided with your birthday.

I will use this scheme from now on:


 - Jonas

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