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Re: interested in (co-)maintaining midori

On September 13, 2015 9:33:52 PM GMT-03:00, Sergio Durigan Junior <sergiodj@sergiodj.net> wrote:
>On Wednesday, September 09 2015, I wrote:
>> On Monday, August 24 2015, I wrote:
>>> On Friday, August 14 2015, Andres Salomon wrote:
>>>>> Your work was done back in June, so if you prefer I can provide
>>>>> patches against your branch to implement/fix the issues I have
>>>>> working on. It won't really matter much, I think: in the end,
>>>>> have to use the "official" repository anyway and patch it.
>>>> That would be highly preferred, simply for reviewing purposes.  I'm
>>>> also happy to rewrite parts of my history to, for example, not
>>>> the -O--buildsystem stuff.  But the existing git history is useful,
>>>> I'd rather work from that.
>>> OK, I've done it:
>>>   <http://git.sergiodj.net/?p=debian/midori.git;a=summary>
>>> It's the same link, but the repository is a new one, based on the
>>> official repository.
>> Just another update.
>> I've re-created the repository above (the previous version contained
>> some mistakes, and I thought it made sense to restart from scratch).
>> Now, you can find the latest version of Midori (0.5.11, released a
>> days ago) along with all the other changes that I had already made.
>> Still builds successfully, and I'm using this latest version without
>> problems.  IOW, everything is ready to be used in Debian, and I'm
>> happy with the current state of the repository.
>One (last?) update.
>I have upgrade/recreated the repository one more time now.  Thadeu
>Cascardo pointed me to two lintian warnings that I had not seen before
>(they're fixed now), and I've cherry-picked Andreas's commits (those
>that import the NMU-0.2 and merge it to master), so now I think
>everything is *really* covered.  Oh, and I've searched the BTS and
>two bugs that requested a new version to be packaged, so I'm closing
>them in the changelog.  I intend to do a full bug triage once the
>package is back to life.
>Just for the record, I've kept *all* history from the previous git
>branches, so absolutely nothing is deleted nor lost.
>In other words, the package is ready to be re-uploaded.

Thanks, Sergio.

I find the repo and package in a good state for an upload. I will do it tomorrow night, if there are no further strong objections.

Thanks Andres for his work as well, and all the others for their past contributions.

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