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Re: Unattended upgrade to 8.2 point release breaks cron when running systemd

On Sep 08 2015, Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen@dekkers.ch> wrote:
> So if you are running Jessie with systemd and have configured
> unattended-upgrades to also automatically install non-security
> updates then cron will very likely be broken on all your systems. You
> can fix it by running "dpkg --configure -a" and "apt-get --reinstall
> install cron".

Indeed, thank you very much for the pointer.

> The good part is that only security updates are enabled by default by
> unattended-upgrades, but my guess is that I'm not the only one who has
> non-security updates enabled in unattended-upgrades. There is also no
> way for us to automatically fix this because cron isn't running
> anymore on those systems. How do we let people know that they need to
> check their systems and manually fix them by running "dpkg --configure
> -a" and "apt-get --reinstall install cron"? Because until they do they
> also won't get any automatic security updates...

I think a mail to debian-announce@ would be helpful.


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