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Re: Improving your archive and package system for small package

Le 03/09/2015 13:36, Bastien ROUCARIES a écrit :
> Hi,
> In order to improve node situation we need to improve the small
> packages problems.
> What are the main bottlenet ? What could be done to improve the situation ?
> The node small package does not change often so it could be a win to
> your archive size.
> Moreover if we could solve this problem we could think about small
> perl package or even tex package.

This may have been discussed before, but could we achieve something like
this with virtual package?
For example, define virtual packages for every small package
(nodejs-myfunkyoneliner) that is only provided by a bigger package (e.g.
nodejs-libraries1, so we can split those bigger packages), containing a
compilation of those librairies.
Then, another packaged software can just depends on those virtual
packages. The real files will be installed with potentially uneeded
other ones, but it will reduce overhead.

This may be a bad idea, though. I'm not a dpkg expert.


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