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Re: Minutes from the "32bit architectures in Debian"-bof

Andreas Barth wrote:
> Specific issues:
> - for i386, there is still sold new hardware with 32bit-only. Are
>   there open issues for i386 (apart from the 32bit-generic ones)?
>   Discussion that we need to get rid of it one day should be started.

Brand-new 32-bit-only x86 hardware is currently being sold, and will
continue to be in the future.  In particular, the Quark embedded
platform is a 32-bit x86, roughly i586-class, with no 64-bit support,
and no MMX or SSE, though it has a few modern instruction set extensions
(notably for security).  So, i386 needs to stick around for the
foreseeable future.

That said, I see no particular issue with moving all the i386 buildd
systems to cross-compile from x86-64, to give the linker more address
space to work with.  LTO will become increasingly important, since new
32-bit systems will want small, optimized binaries, and building a large
project with LTO requires a huge amount of memory.

- Josh Triplett

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