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Wrapper package of Linuxbrew for Debian

Hi folks,

I've prepared a linuxbrew's wrapper package [1]
and had some discussion at debian-mentors [2].
Now the package is in a nice shape, so I'm writing
to -devel for comment on this wrapper package.

linuxbrew-wrapper [1]

Package linuxbrew-wrapper provided only

  * a shell wrapper script wrote by myself
  * upstream install script

and provide no linuxbrew itself. The main purpose of
creating this package is

  * Eliminate the gap for users using linuxbrew on Debian/its variants.
      After installed linuxbrew-wrapper, the only thing users
      need to do is set their ENVs properly as they want. 

Linuxbrew [0]

Linuxbrew is the fork/port of Homebrew, the missing package
manager of OS X. And the advantages of it are:

 * Home-based package management, which means you can install
   brew'ed software at home without ROOT permission.

     this is also useful when a group of people are working on
     a workstation and root permission is limited.
     And I provided an example profile in the package, which 
     contains some ENVs that may be useful.

 * Install missing software.

     You know, some users can't wait for some software to be packaged
     for Debian ... And part of users will mess their home up after
     compiled bunches software tarball ... Homebrew/Linuxbrew provided
     a relatively elegant way managing home-made software ( certainly 
     in the scope of brew'ed software )

 * [...]

However the disadvantage of it is a little tricky:

 * Security issue.

     Security issue is totally handled by upstream, and I can't
     patch any linuxbrew Formula (the linuxbrew packaging scripts)
     at all (linuxbrew's update is managed by git, patches from 3-rd party will
     render linuxbrew git repo dirty and become un-predictable)

     Hence nothing from upstream except for the linuxbrew install script was left
     in the package. Then linuxbrew packaging bug and security bug are
     upstream bug ... after all in that case the buggy file is not provided by debian.

 * Copyright issue.

     I didn't investigate all software that linuxbrew ships. So I'm
     not sure if linuxbrew provides only *freesoftware*.
     Linuxbrew itself is BSD-2-Clause licensed.

 * Package Management issue.

     I'm not bringing trouble to apt/dpkg. However having 2 package
     management system may ... require users be aware of what thay are doing.

Looking forward to comments :-)

[0] https://github.com/Homebrew/linuxbrew
[1] http://mentors.debian.net/package/linuxbrew-wrapper
[2] https://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2015/08/msg00157.html
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