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Re: Mass bug filing about non free lena image.

Quoting Jakub Wilk (2015-08-12 21:57:40)
> Has anybody asked the copyright holders to release the image under a 
> free license? Or is everybody assuming that they won't?

From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenna>:

> While Playboy often cracks down on illegal uses of its material and 
> did initially send out notices to research publications and journals 
> that used the image,[11] over time it has decided to overlook the wide 
> use of Lena. Eileen Kent, VP of new media at Playboy said, "We decided 
> we should exploit this, because it is a phenomenon."

Above (especially the "overlook the wide use" part) made me stop look 
further for likelihood of free licensing.

 - Jonas

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