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Re: Bug#795209: ITP: sndio -- Small audio and MIDI framework from OpenBSD

Simon McVittie wrote:
On 11/08/15 20:26, Peter Piwowarski wrote:
  Sndio is a small, simple audio and MIDI framework, developed by the OpenBSD
You'll probably need to coordinate with the roaraudio maintainer over
who provides /usr/lib/*/libsndio.so.2. At the moment roaraudio provides
libsndio2 from libroar-compat2, and it has previously been linked into
openal-soft via openal-soft's support for sndio
(<https://bugs.debian.org/680742> - openal-soft does not directly
support roaraudio).


As it happens the "real" sndio packaging (as of upstream's 0.0.10) won't want to provide libsndio2, but libsndio6; the shared object it installs is /usr/lib/*/libsndio.so.6.0. It will still be a concern to make sure any sndio-supporting programs in Debian can work with either sndio or RoarAudio's compatibility layer; possibly libroar-compat2 *really* wants to provide (and conflict with) libsndio6?

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