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Re: Debian with HiDPI / 4K displays

Daniel Pocock <daniel <at> pocock.pro> writes:

> However, I've come up against the DPI issues.
> The actual DPI is about 131x137 on a 32" display.
> xdpyinfo reports 96x96

I've recently had the problem that some applications like Kontact/KDEPIM
suddenly use the wrong fixedmisc font for eMail displaying, and tracked
it down to X reporting 91 dpi (IIRC, not sure, could have been 96), but
my actual dpi is closer to 72/75 than to 96/100.

I added a line…
    xrandr --dpi 80
… to my ~/.xsessionrc after interactively trying out the value in which
things come out “right”. Note that this, interestingly enough, does not
match my real dpi value either, but it's the one causing fonts not to
go haywire.

YMMV, and this is probably the wrong fix, but I thought to share anyway,
as it's new (we used to specify display size in XF86Config to fix this,
some time ago).

Maybe keithp has got some insight on this?


PS: the fixedmisc font I intend to use for all my non-proportional font
    needs is the 9x18/18x18ko one (amended with many more glyphs), in
    case this matters.

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