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Re: Debian with HiDPI / 4K displays

Daniel Pocock wrote:
> The actual DPI is about 131x137 on a 32" display.
> Some web sites suggested using gnome-tweak-tool to change the window
> scaling factor.  It only appears to accept integer values and changing
> it from the default of 1 to 2 makes the fonts too big.
> So, is there any strategy for HiDPI with Debian?  Is a BTS tag needed to
> track such issues perhaps?  Or is it already dealt with in unstable and
> people just have to wait for it?

I have a similar experience with a 2560x1440 14" screen (210 DPI).
Using a scale factor of 2 would make it act like a 720p screen, making
everything far too large.  However, I find that GNOME's font-based
scaling works fine for me: in gnome-tweak-tool, I changed Fonts ->
Scaling Factor to 1.4.  That also sets the X property Xft.dpi to 144
(see xrdb -query), which many non-GNOME programs look at too.  Firefox
doesn't, but it has its own setting that even supports non-integer
scaling of the entire UI, so I changed its layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to
1.4 as well.

This handles the majority of programs I use.  A few notable exceptions:
gitk scales up some but not all of its fonts (reported as a bug),
Celestia's and stellarium's in-rendering text (reported as bugs), old X
utilities like xcalc/xconsole/xedit/xdvi/xmag/xman/xmessage (not really
worth reporting, better to replace them with modern tools), and anything
that relies heavily on toolbars like gimp/inkscape/audacity (tools and
other UI elements not scaled up, since they don't use text; unfortunate
but expected, as they don't have non-integer scaling).

- Josh Triplett

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