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Re: Bug#794468: general: no watchdog support in installer kernel

Control: reassign -1 src:debian-installer


Dominik George <nik@naturalnet.de> (2015-08-03):
> The Debian installer images for jessie apparently do not have watchdog
> support enabled in the kernel, so they do not send heartbeats to the
> This results in the installer system aborting and the machine resetting
> after five minutes, or whatever the BIOS sees as watchdog timeout.
> Disabling watchdog support during installation is obviously a simple
> workaround, but it could still be enabled as to my knowledge, it does
> not make the kernel significantly better.

Reassigning to debian-installer, which is likely to be a way better
place to start than general.

It might just be a matter of setting the right option (HEARTBEAT, as a
wild guess) on the kernel side though, so I'm copying the kernel
maintainers. They're welcome to steal the bug from src:debian-installer
if they feel it's appropriate.

Looking at svn or at installed kernels, I don't see this option set
anywhere but sh4 and m68k though, so I'm not sure the installed system
would be different than the installer one…


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