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RFC schema in package citadel


citadel always came with an LDAP schema file under openldap/rfc2739.schema that says:

# The version of this file as distributed in the Citadel upstream packages
# contains text claiming copyright by the Internet Society and including
# the IETF RFC license, which does not meet Debian's Free Software
# Guidelines.  However, apart from short and obvious comments, the text of
# this file is purely a functional interface specification, which is not
# subject to that license and is not copyrightable under US law.
# The license statement is retained below so as not to remove credit, but
# as best as we can determine, it is not applicable to the contents of
# this file.

Now, with the latest version, lintian complains with a big fat error. Is
this a false positive that I can override, or do we have a license problem
in older versions as well?

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