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The Spirit of Free Software, or The Reality

Hello Debian community,

I long for becoming a Debian member, always. However now I get into
trouble with the problem of "Spirit of Free software or Reality".
I wonder how Debian interprets it's "Spirit of Free Software".
(Certainly Social Contract and DFSG don't refer much detail)

As we know, getting into the stage where as the same as
Richard.M.Stallman (i.e. Resists any non-free stuff, thoroughly )
is very hard for an ordinary person, as well as me. Even though,
many people are trying their best to protect their software freedom,
with several careful compromises to non-free blobs.

Several years ago I was influenced by Debian's insist on Freesoftware,
and then trying to gradually block non-free matters away, and was
very happy doing that, because I protected my computer away from those
terrible non-free softwares and got myself stayed in a clean, pure
computer environment.

Blocking non-free blobs away, does it means partially blinding
one's eye for teenagers? In order to get touched with the world
outside of freesoftware, sometimes indeed we need to compromise with
non-free blobs, at least temporarily. After all freesoftware communities
and opensource software communities occupies only a tiny proportion
of human.

Hence my strategy was changed. I compromised with more and more 
non-free blobs when I want to experience what I haven't experienced,
when I want to gain what I don't possess, when I want to explore the 
outer world that I haven't seen.

Then I got into a stage, where I strongly insist on Freesoftware,
but sometimes accept to use non-free blobs.

I'm aware
 * Insist on freesoftware != totally the RMS way.
then that weird way of "insisting my so called 'freesoftware' I thought"
was developed.

I have no trouble on making my personal choises, what I want to know
is, what would you do to protect your software freedom, when the
reality requires you to touch non-free blobs?

Keep the "freesoftware" spirit and faith of "freesoftware" in mind,
and actually at the same time touch non-free blobs by hands?
How to resolve this tough situation?


I see many people fighting for software freedom.
i.e. #786909 and [...]
Sincerely, Thank you all the free software fighters !
Fighting for what a person believes in is noble and respectful.

Thank you, fighters, from my bottom of heart.


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