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Standard-producing bodies and Debian


I'm teaching a course on free software philosophy and procedures, and
we started talking about following standards. One of the students
asked me, which standards does the Debian project adhere to and
participate in. My first answer was that it's a good thing that there
are so many standards to choose from, and what we do is to package
software adhering to the different standards...

But then I realized I was lying.

Debian does take care to implement several standards (i.e. following a
LSB-compliant POSIX system, having several implementations that comply
with FreeDesktop, etc.) Debian Developers (and other contributors)
work actively in several standards producing bodies (I joined some
IETF/IRTF lists and was happy to spot more than a few familiar names
there; I know the Debian project takes part in OASIS).

So... Knowing I will give incomplete knowledge at best, as not every
Debian-related person follows this list, could you help me fill in the
gaps? Please reply if you know about a standards body Debian is
formally a part of or has a delegate in, or if you as a person have
Debian involvement and perform some kind of work for such a body,
particularly if one plays a part in the other.

Oh! And such bodies are often quite opaque to the uninitiated. Please
also give a short description on what the body in question is!

Thanks for the help!

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