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Re: how to remove libsystemd0 from a live-running debian desktop system

On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 01:54:35AM +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> to illustrate the dominance of libsystemd0, if you carry out an
> "apt-get --purge remove libsystemd0"

First, it's actual systemd packages that are a problem, libsystemd0 is
merely a harmless library which does nothing but bloat your system a
negligible bit.

Second, all but one (upower) of affected packages can be recompiled to drop
the dependency.  If you bothered to read lists you're subscribed to, you
would probably know of my set of deinfected packages at:
 deb     http://angband.pl/debian nosystemd
 deb-src http://angband.pl/debian nosystemd
which are included for example in Trios.  After such a recompilation, you
can have a systemd-free system with no functionality loss -- in fact, it
does solve some regressions compared to systemd-using hacks like -shim.

Packages in Debian tend to have the biggest possible set of functionality
enabled.  For systemd support, this ends up depending on libsystemd0
(harmless) and "systemd"/libpam-systemd (harmful if it's a strict
dependency).  It's only the second kind that's worth fixing.

This would be easily fixable by runtime detection of systemd.  For example,
in policykit-1 (which most dependency chains go through), systemd and
consolekit code paths are well-separated by upstream into a portable header
and two independent .c files implementing that header.  All that would need
to be done is making a stub that calls the proper implementation on runtime
(as opposed to link time as currently).

The above might be not even needed in the future, as both main proposed
replacements, consolekit2 and loginkit, aim for systemd-compatible API.

> this process comes with a price: i had to disable udev, and i had to
> re-enable the keyboard and mouse sections in xorg.conf that i had
> added years ago.

Bare-metal systems without udev or an equivalent haven't been supported for
ages.  There are multiple projects building a replacement for systemd-udev
for after jessie; for now, udev is built from systemd sources but has no
dependency on it.  Ie, it's swallowed but not yet digested.

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