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Re: motd handling in jessie

>> If we go the update-motd route, I'd like to see the update-motd calls be
>> removed from login (and boot) and instead have the dynamic part of
>> /etc/motd be updated via a cron job.
> Please, no.  Under normal circumstances, the only dynamic bit of the
> motd comes from uname, and only changes on reboot; updating it via cron
> just wastes cycles and adds noise to syslog.
> I'm not particularly convinced that even the existing uname line has
> much value.  So what about this: why don't we move all of that machinery
> to an update-motd package or similar (priority optional), which can hook
> into PAM as desired to display its message, and have the default motd of
> the base system be completely static, with nothing run at boot *or*
> login?

I think that this is a good idea. If the user needs to see the uname,
and they're using a terminal, they'll most likely know the command to enter.

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