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Re: length of a package extended description

On Mon, 12 Jan 2015, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> which doesn't work at all, neither with zsh nor with bash.

It works with mksh, GNU bash, AT&T ksh93, zsh (Debian sid).
I don’t see why it shouldn’t work on older versions either.

> I still want to be able to see the full "Depends:" and so on.

grep-aptavail -XP texlive-latex-extra -dI

C’mon. I showed you some tools already. Now look at their
options (in the grep-dctrl case) and combine them well.

>> Why don't you use JavaScript? I also don't like enabling JavaScript in
> Because I use lynx as browser.
	-- Octavio Alvarez, me and ⡍⠁⠗⠊⠕ (Mario Lang) on debian-devel

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