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Re: motd handling in jessie & beyond

On 01/02/2015 at 05:56 AM, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:

> Hi,
> as this seems to be only about including the output of `uname' in
> motd, how about just *not* including it? I never found it to be
> particular helpful anyway...
> If you want to include information about the machine you are
> connecting to, then the OS version, amount of RAM, number and speed
> of processors, and system architecture are probably more helpful than
> just the kernel version the system is running.

The kernel version isn't the only information in the uname output in

The uname call which is apparently being used includes the following:

'-s' (kernel name, generally "Linux")

'-n' (hostname of the system in question)

'-r' (kernel release, which is generally just a version number)

'-v' (kernel version, which may be a longer string; on my system it
includes the version number from '-r', which thus appears twice)

'-m' (machine hardware name - on my system it's 'x86_64')

I think the hostname is useful information, which I wouldn't want to see
omitted; I also think the architecture may be nice to know. The rest of
it, while potentially useful information, isn't necessarily the sort of
thing that needs to be reported on every login.

   The Wanderer

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