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Re: Should fast-evolving packages be backports-only?

Scott Kitterman <debian@kitterman.com> (2014-11-11):
> As long as apt prefers a version from stable over a version from
> backports when both are available (unless instructed to install from
> backports) why is this a problem? 
> It seems more user friendly to me for a package that's been
> specifically ask for to end up installed rather than not. 

As I probably wrote in the mentioned bug report, it seems more friendly,
safe, and honest to stick to stable packages on a stable system instead
of silently stuff from backports.

It's not like uncommenting a line in sources.list should be a huge
burden anyway (having to figure out which line to add, depending on the
target suite, wasn't too trivial when backports moved from backports.d.o
to the archive; but we're way past that now).


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