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Re: free choice in installer?

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 11:15:12AM +0100, Michael Ole Olsen wrote:
> If there was a choice in the installer for Init system and boot loader there would be nobody complaining.
> People only complain when there isn't a choice and they are forced to use something new.

>From what research are you taking this generalisation?  All non-IT
experts I know (proof by counter-example) would be really happy to have
no choice but rather one single option which works.  You might also like
to think about all those Win+OSX users who have no problem to accept
what they get.  I admit regarding init system I feel like them and
prefer also one solution that works without any need to spend time into
a decision making process (feel free to blame me about this).

So please be careful to do generalised statements about "people" by
assuming that all people are thinking like you.

Kind regards



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