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Re: A concerned user -- debian Guidelines

Dear Nathael,

This is off-topic for -devel. Please consider debian-user or the offtopic list.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 09:57:50AM +0100, Nathael Pajani wrote:
> You certainly heard about "debianfork" (http://debianfork.org/) and from a
> user point of view this is a tragedy.
> When a (big ?) pool of users is not happy to the point of suggesting to fork
> because of a decision taken (or about to be taken) by the project developers,
> then (I think) that the Debian developers are not doing their job right.

There's no way of knowing how big or not the set of people who are unhappy is,
and there is no public list of people behind 'debianfork', which IMHO is
complete hot-air. Debian welcomes forks. They're healthy and result in
improvements to Debian. Just look at Ubuntu. Spreading free software to more
people is entirely compatible with Debian's goals. The fact "debianfork" is
presented - anonymously - as a sort-of threat says all you need to know about
the motivations of the people behind it. Show me the code.

> You'll notice that the fork has not been started yet, as (I think) many still
> hope this can end the right way, with USERS taken into account. All of them.

It's an idle threat, designed to help spread FUD and not an actual effort to
create a forked operating system.

> Other distributions may have chosen the easy single init way, but Debian is
> not other distributions. And uniformity is not an option.

Debian has decided to support multiple init systems. Do you not know this? Have
you been misled by the FUD? That's exactly what we're working on!

Jonathan Dowland

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