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Re: Time for compassion and the Init GR

Sam Hartman dijo [Thu, Nov 06, 2014 at 09:58:29AM +0000]:
> Early morning, Wednesday, November 19, the results of the GR on init
> system coupling will be announced.
> No result will make everyone happy.  In fact, that morning, some of our
> developers, users and contributors will be really unhappy.
> I would be dishonest if I said I didn't hope to be happy and reassured that
> morning.  I suspect we all hope that the project will agree with our
> position on this complex and emotionally intense issue and reassure us
> that  our values are close to those of the project; reassure us that
> this is a place where we can safely work together.
> (...)

Thanks, Sam, for this well-worded, well-thought and throughout mail
that summarizes perfectly what I'd love to be able to state.

The social component of Debian is core to the project. Not only to the
project's identity, but it also explains its functioning, and to a
certain degree, its permanence for over twenty years. At several
points in time, we have passed through periods of harsh discussions
such as this one (I don't remember any being as bitter or
long-lasting), and we must take care not to see it become greater than

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