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Re: debootstrap and cdebootstrap vs systemd

Le 07. 11. 14 13:32, csirac2@yahoo.com.au a écrit :
Finally can I just re-iterate: these are not "old" or obscure SoCs; TI and freescale each have massive sales in CPU lines that don't have >3.0 kernels. The world's biggest Qseven COM vendor doesn't have an ARM board that supports >3.0 kernels. Even gumstix, popular in the open source scene, their newest boards don't have kernels >3.5.

Mainline kernel usually support all those chips just fine if the chip manufacturer upload his kernel patches to the mainline as it should do. If you take the risk to work with a chip manufacturer that don't upload his patches to the mainline kernel, then you have to assume this risk, not the distribution. I have experienced this situation many time. This was the standard 15 years ago, but now more and more chips manufacturers understand the importance of uploading there patches to the mainline kernel, so you have more choice in not falling into that bad situation.


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