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Re: debootstrap and cdebootstrap vs systemd

For the same reasons, for what it's worth I have a multistrap .conf
which achieves sysvinit booting rootfs (but perhaps I'm doing some
post-configure apt-get install commands in the build script, I'll have
to check).

If you're interested in the multistrap config let me know. My workflow
with this involves qemu-binfmts on the build host (actually docker)
which may or may not be desirable

On 07/11/14 09:14, Simon Richter wrote:
> Hi,
> I've run into a bit of a problem building a root filesystem for an ARM
> system where the kernel shipped by the vendor is 2.6 based. As systemd
> does not work there, I tried installing a sysvinit based system using
> --include and --exclude to (c)debootstrap.
> In short: this does not work. The end result is a systemd based system.
> If I use the --foreign flag, sysvinit is added to the download, and an
> attempt at installation is made when the system is booted, but this
> fails due to an unresolved conflict.
> The system image left is unable to boot, due to a segmentation fault in
> systemd (which is is probably not that important, as older kernels are
> unsupported anyway), and is stuck with a kernel panic.
> I haven't found a combination of flags that would create a root
> filesystem without systemd, as the dependency resolver in these tools
> will always pull it back in.
> Being able to create a root file system using debootstrap is IMO a
> rather central feature of the Debian distribution, and I'd prefer not to
> give it up.
> I don't have a lot of time in the coming months, but I could probably
> clear a weekend. Would it make sense to organize a meeting (Linuxhotel?)
> to fix this?
>    Simon

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