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Re: Bug#766880: xscreensaver screensaver don't appear in mate-screensaver

Hi Tormod,

(I Cc: debian-devel and debian-release MLs to get more external feedback on this.)

On  Sa 01 Nov 2014 12:03:05 CET, Tormod Volden wrote:

--- screensavers-desktop.stub.old 2014-10-26 15:23:44.826806788 +0100
+++ screensavers-desktop.stub 2014-10-26 15:24:39.322497990 +0100
@@ -2,4 +2,4 @@

This change results in all xscreensaver screensavers becoming usable
via mate-screensaver.

The same would be needed for other .desktop files from all kind of
packages. Since MATE is a fork of GNOME, with probably much
compatibility, wouldn't it make sense to patch MATE instead so that it
shows GNOME desktop files? Is there a policy on this?

Nonono... this is not an option!!!

Tweaking MATE desktop so that it would also show .desktop files that are only targetted for GNOME(v3) would pull in loads of GNOMEv3-only stuff into a MATE desktop environment that would either break functionality of the MATE desktop or reduce usability (as applications with similar functionality would appear twice at different places on the desktop if MATE and GNOMEv3 are installed in parallel on the same system).

Please note that MATE started as a GNOMEv2 fork, but it has turned into quite an independent project / desktop environment and compatibility to current GNOMEv3 exists here and there, but it should not be automatically assumed anymore.

MATE is a new desktop shell in Debian with its own namespace and its own set of applications. So, @all-package-maintainers: consider this when providing .desktop files that use OnlyShowIn= or NotShowIn= fields.

It is anyway to late to get this xscreensaver change into Jessie by
simple upload (it must have been uploaded to unstable before October
26th) so we will have to see what the release managers think.



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