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Proposed MBF: versioned dependencies on gobject-introspection

(Bcc bugreport, as some new information has come up, I think.)

Hi everyone,

some gir-* packages install their typelib files into multiarch paths
since recently, which requires gobject-introspection of a version
newer than what’s in stable.

There’s a bugreport related to this (#766644) in which this issue
was uncovered and discussed. This appears to affect many packages,
which means an MBF is probably needed, so I’d like to discuss this

Michael Biebl dixit:

>Here is a complete list of source packages (dd-list is attached)
>The following packages are probably fine:
>They build-depend on 1.41.4. This is not entirely correct, 1.41.4-1 or
>1.41.4-1~ would have been better. In practice, it shouldn't make a big
>difference though.

However, contrary to what I said in the bugreport, I now think that we
need a build dependency on newer gobject-introspection in the packages
that *use* these typelib files, because it is the dh_girepository call
in those packages that actually fails, which means that the gir-* pak‐
kages need a versioned Depends (not Build-Depends) on it (to ensure it
is installed when they’re used during a package build).

Please share advice of how to best the fix, and how to go on filing
the bugs, if at all.

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