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Thanks Ftpmaster for all your hard work with the Moonshot Suite

Hi.  back in 2011, I gave a talk at Debconf about the value of Debian to
people hoping to put together changes across an operating system.  I was
using my work in Project moonshot as an example; we've been looking at
integrating new security services throughout an operating system.
Debian has been really great for that because it's easy to modify and
easy to add new components, to use it both as a lab environment and a
stable system.

Today, with the acceptance of moonshot-gss-eap, we have all our
softhware in Debian unstable.  There are a few patches to other things
running around getting in shape, and lots of polishing and future

However, I want to take  a moment to thank ftpmaster for their hard work
over the last month doing the "new" review for the Moonshot suite.  Some
of the packages were complex and pulled code from a lot of places.

In preparing to get all the packaging in shape for submission I talked
to a couple of FTP assistants at Debconf this year.  I'd always been
confused why the new queue processing took so long.  As I learned what
was involved, I realized that actually given the thorough review that is
done, it's amazing that new queue takes as short of a time as it does.
I also realized that we get a huge and valuable service out of this
work,.  It's valuable to our users who care about free software and the
DFSG, as well as everyone who cares about making sure that Debian is
redistributable and legal.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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