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Re: question about versioned dependencies in debian/control

On 22/10/14 14:58, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Depends: ... git-man (>> ${source:Upstream-Version}),
> 	git (1:2.1.2-0~xgo70+1) unstable; urgency=low

1:2.1.2-0~xgo70+1 is less than 1:2.1.2, because 1:2.1.2 is equal to
1:2.1.2-0 in version number order, and 0~x is less than 0.

You can confirm this:

    % dpkg --compare-versions 2-0~x lt 2-0 && echo yes

I would suggest 1:2.1.2-0+xgo70+1 instead.

...2-1~xgo70+1 would be appropriate if you were backporting Debian's
release ...2-1, which is not what you're doing here.


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