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Re: GPL-3 & openssl: provide a -nossl variant for a library


Thorsten Glaser:
> Also, it’s normal that someone has a rosy sight on something they wrote.
> Note that the intent of the actual copyright owners counts
> *much* more than the intent of the licence writers when
> interpreting clauses.
Sure, but in many cases there is not much expression of intent,
other than "I chose this license".

> No, debian-legal is no body within Debian, just a random armchair
> lawyer discussion list. But it may be Cc’d, sure.
Nevertheless, it is the forum where we-as-a-distribution are supposed to
arrive at a rough consensus on what's OK, legally, and what is not, thus
the discussion belongs there.

> ‣‣‣ Please, http://deb.li/mysql and MariaDB, finally die!
which, like your "random armchair lawyer" remark, I'd regard as borderline

-- Matthias Urlichs

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