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Re: piece of mind (Re: Moderated posts?)

On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 06:18:01PM +0200, lee wrote:
> Considering that the users are Debians' priority, couldn't this issue be
> a case in which significant concerns from/of the users about an issue
> might initiate a GR?  Wouldn't it speak loudly for Debian and its ways
> and for what it stands for, or used to stand for, if it was established
> procedure that issues arising significant concerns amongst the users can
> lead to a GR?
> I'm sure we could find quite a few supporters for having a GR amongst
> the users (here).  And after all, we're all kinda stuck in the same
> boat.  A GR might have the potential to make the gap between users and
> devs/maintainers a lot smaller.  Otherwise, this gap will only continue
> to become wider and wider.

Debian is known for focussing a lot on focussing on quality. Upgrading
from one version to the next is expected to be utterly smooth. Any bug
encountered is exceptional. While in some other distributions an upgrade
might sometimes result in problems or is not even really supported very
well, Debian has a great focus on ensuring that the stable release is
utterly stable.

If you encounter problems there are known ways to have a great deal of
influence: file bugs and ensure that they're blocking the release of
Debian. AFAIK the criteria for when something can block the release of
the stable version is pretty broad, though I might be mistaken.

You can file bugs for both systemd, as well as the integration of other
init systems. Though uncertain if others would be considered to block
the release. If you encounter bugs in the support of others and they're
not considered as "blocking the release", then maybe good to start a
thread about that. I'm guessing you'll have a good chance to ensure that
those bugs are looked at and maybe exceptions made if need be.

However, if your argument is that "systemd against the users' will",
or that you have no influence. Then 1) whatever, I'd argue the opposite
and 2) you have, see above. Positive attitude helps.


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