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Re: TLP package vs. pm-utils


>> see [3] –, neither is pm-suspend called by systemd's sleep.target.
> Not by systemd as pid 1, but if you run with upstart or sysvinit,
> systemd-shim will use pm-utils if it is installed, so that suspend
> quirks still work.
> IMHO it is a bit unfortunate that all the suspend quirks and power
> management scripts were so lightly discarded upstream. I do understand
> their perspective of "fix stuff in the kernel", but in a distribution
> we have a slightly different perspective (e. g. consider an admin of a
> stable release -- what will he realistically be able to do: add a
> documented quirk to a text file, or fix the nvidia graphics driver?)

Is there actually any method left to hook into suspend/resume, that
works under systemd and other inits? I wouldn't know of any, which is a
problem for packages like, e.g., hdparm, which has to re-configure the
HDD parameters after resume (see [0]).

[0] <https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=725284>

I'm a bit puzzled what the current situation of power management in
Debian is, and which packages are actually useful when using systemd. I
removed pm-utils and acpi*, and everything is still working, so I
conclude their functionality is now handled by systemd.

Kind regards

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