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Re: MBF: What is the status of /usr/share/texmf/doc ?


Well, after a few ours we are at:

> 	auto-multiple-choice-doc-pdf	- needs fixing
> 	feynmf			- needs fixing


> 	latex-make		- needs fixing

will be done by Vincent

> 	mathpartir		- needs fixing
> 	prerex			- needs fixing


> 	preview-latex-style	- needs fixing

I already sent an email with fixes to the maintainers

> 	luasseq			- needs fixing
> 	bibtool			- I will do myself


> 	tipa-doc		- I will do myself


> 	multex-base		- no idea whether still useful/usable?
> 	jbibtex-base		- no idea whether still useful/usable?
> 	jtex-base		- no idea whether still useful/usable?
> 	ptex-base		- not installable with texlive, so no texdoc

should/will be removed from Debian


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