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Re: Pre-Depends changed for dpkg on GNU/kFreeBSD


On 19:34, Guillem Jover wrote:
> In dpkg 1.17.13 I switched start-stop-daemon on GNU/kFreeBSD to use
> the native kFreeBSD backend using libkvm instead of using the Linux
> backend through linprocfs.

Ahhh I did wonder about that.  start-stop-daemon had problems inside
of jails due to this;  KVM needs /dev/mem, and that usually should not
be available inside a jail.

(netstat for example supports KVM but has a fallback method to be able
to still work in jails, I think.)

> Requiring linprocfs has always seemed
> somewhat wrong to me, more so when on FreeBSD procfs is actually
> optional.

I'm usually uncomfortable seeing userland use libkvm to look at kernel
internals, because unlike FreeBSD, we need to support mismatching
versions of kernel and userland (e.g. sid chroot on the stable buildds).

Most of Debian GNU userland expects linprocfs so, even though it seems
kind of lame to a FreeBSD person, it's useful to us as a psuedo-standard
interface that is always available (including jails and any properly-
constructed chroot).

> This means the library is now part of dpkg's Pre-Depends only on
> GNU/kFreeBSD. But I forgot to bring it up here as per policy §3.5
> before the upload. Doing so now, but if there's no consensus, I'll
> revert the change. Sorry about that.

No problem.  Does that mean you'd happily revert to using linprocfs?

Steven Chamberlain

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