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Re: New dash in experimental

On 2014-10-01 16:04, Gerrit Pape wrote:
> Hi, I uploaded a new version of dash (0.5.8-1) to experimental, please
> help testing it.  If no critical issues arise, I plan to put this
> version into unstable in about two weeks.
> Regards, Gerrit.


Have you tried rebuilding the archive with the new version of dash?  If
not, perhaps get in touch with David Suárez and ask if it is possible.

My concern is that we are getting really close to the freeze - the
proposed upload date for dash is 3 weeks before the freeze.  Having a
package from build-essential blowing up that close to the freeze is that
last thing we (i.e. the release team) wants at that point.


PS: To clarify to all: The freeze will occur in testing, but (unblocked)
updates will come from sid.  So if sid is broken, it can adversely your
ability to get fixes into testing.  See the freeze policy for when
changes /must/ go throw unstable.

[freeze policy] https://release.debian.org/jessie/freeze_policy.html

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